Vacation Rental Websites: MyBooker.LITE vs. Others

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Vacation Rental Websites: MyBooker.LITE vs. Others

A website is a website, right? This is what most people think.  However, it is definitively not true.  In this article we are going to learn about the benefits of creating a vacation rental website through MyBooker vs. creating your own website using WordPress, Jumbla or other website creators.

MyBooker is a specialized vacation rental technology provider, this means that we go above and beyond what most others will do for you.  We have integrated security features and use specialized content delivery systems to ensure that your website has every advantage in the competitive vacation rental market.

A website is like a car.  You can buy the same car for a starting price for (X€) or you can buy that same car for (X€ x 10).  They may both look pretty on the outside, but lift the hood or sit behind the wheel and you will surly feel and see the difference.  This is the same for websites.  Anyone can create a nice-looking web, but what it is worth if it’s not doing its job.  Let’s get into the details.


MyBooker websites have been created and optimized to include all of the features that we know are important and are organized in a way to maximize customer interest.  Include activities and point of interest in order to give your guests recommendations on local activities & restaurants.

Other websites may or may not include all of the features important in supporting and growing your business.


MyBooker websites use special Content Delivery Networks to provide optimal service worldwide. This means that from whatever corner of the earth your guests are opening your website, it will be as quick and seamless as if the website was hosted locally.

This is not true with other providers.  People think that all hosting website give equal results, I mean, hosting is hosting, right? Wrong again, websites that are hosted on a server sitting on one country will give good results locally and regionally, but customers from other parts of the world may not get the same speeds resulting in a useless website.


We offer all of our customers free Hosting and *Domain for their website.  During the registration process, all you have to do is choose an available domain name and that’s it.  MyBooker will insure that your website is up and running in the shortest possible time.


MyBooker offers a selection of website templates optimized for short-term vacation rentals.  If you ever want to change your look, just choose a different website template at no additional cost.  All of your property information is instantly transferred to the new website.  There are no other services that will allow you to do this.


With MyBooker modules, vacation rental owners can expand their admin system.  Do you want automated communications with guests? Do you want to issues invoices directly from your system and keep a record at all times? Would you like to send contracts to all yours guests before they arrive?

MyBooker is constantly adding and developing new tools for hosts and guests.  We make these tools available to our customers through our module center in the back-office of our software package.


The booking engine makes it possible for guests to make direct credit card bookings directly on your website.  This is offered by other providers, but did you know that MyBooker goes one step further.  We know what is import to our hosts so we have expended your possibilities.

Add-Ons: Through your online booking process, we have created add-on so that hosts can offer additional paid services to there guests.  Host can now offer transfers, breakfast, tours or anything else that they can think of directly on their website and receive payments for them.

Promo & Coupon Codes: Hosts can create special codes that will give guests discounts or other incentives to book.  Create multiple codes for favored guests, low season or special occasions such as Black Friday!

Payment Schedule: Create a payment schedule for your guests.  Do you take upfront payments at the time of reservation? Do guests pay the remaining balance before they arrive or should they pay in cash upon arrival? You are the boss and we allow host to create their own payment schedules and styles.

Yes, we take credit cards: You can use your back-office to take credit card payment even when guests have already arrived.  Don’t have cash, no problem.  This option allows for maximum payment flexibility by hosts.

BOOK NOW BUTTON: Add your book now button to your business facebook profile.

**No Additional contracts: As soon as your website is up and running, you will be able to receive online payments. There are no additional contracts to sign with other providers making this process completely effortless.


This may not be something that hosts think about when they are creating a website, but it is something that is important.  When you use MyBooker websites, you have integrated security features.  This includes simple features to prevent spam from arriving through your website to advance features that prevent DDOS attacks and hackers.  We take security very seriously and keep our system up to date, which means that you are always protected.  All of our security features are always integrated as a part of our product.


You can be sure that your website will not be down because of an update that needs to be made, which is common with WordPress websites.  Because our software is cloud based, all updates are done automatically through our entire system so you always have someone working for you.


If there are even any problems or if you have questions about your website or services that you are receiving, we are always available to answer your questions.   We provide instructions, tutorials and videos on how to use our products with and ever going knowledge base.


Leave business cards for your guests to take back with them when they go home.  MyBooker is the only system that gives you options to order business cards for your short-term rental property directly through your back-office.  Just choose the one that best fits your business or website, make and order, and your business cards are on the way.


Our website CMS (Content Management System) has been created intuitively so that it is simple and easy-to-use.  We are sure that creating your own website using our easy to follow steps will be easy and enjoyable.    Everything is done by the host and little computer knowledge is needed.   Take a look at some examples that we offer of other websites or use our “how to videos” to get started.  Before you know it, you will have a great looking website that you have created on your own!



*Only new domains registrations are offered free up to a maximum of 15€ per year.

**Only offered in selected countries.


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