Vacation rental registration – what to do?

Vacation rental owners

Vacation rental registration – what to do?

Before you accommodate first guests, here are a couple of steps you need to make in order to start renting:

Acknowledgment of the Approval for Provision of Hospitality Services at Home

To obtain an Approval Decision for Provision of Catering Services at Home requires:

a) Complete the application for a decision on approval for the provision of catering services in the household

b) Collect necessary documentation (Link!)

Required documents together with the application must be submitted to the central office of the State Administration Office in your county.

Unauthorized decision on the approval of catering services according to the Law on Catering Services (NN138 / 06) is forfeited with a fine in the amount of HRK 3,000 to 15,000.


Categorization of apartments

The application for categorization is filed with the State Administration Office in your county (Department of Economy / Department of Tourism). Here you can get all the information you need about the documents that you submit to this application, and find out all about the conditions for apartment categorization.


Standardized board

Obtain a standardized panel with an indication of the type and category of the object, as determined by the competent office’s decision and be clearly visible at the entrance to the object or in the immediate vicinity and to be ordered directly from a manufacturer approved by the Ministry of Tourism:

Kordun Marketing d.o.o. (Matka Laginje 10, 47000 Karlovac, tel: 047 645 561
Jaguar d.o.o. (Hrvojeva 6, 21000 Split, tel: 021 343 888, e-mail: [email protected])
Binar d.o.o. (Livanjska 12, 21000 Split, tel: 021 344 442, e-mail: [email protected]
The manufacturer is required to submit:

A copy of the payment
A copy of the categorization solution
Delivery address
Official price list

Specify in each object the indication of the type and category of the object, the price of the services it offers, the information that tourist tax is included in the price and adhere to the prominent prices. The price list must be framed, displayed in a visible place, and prices in KUNA (these may or may not be indicated). The price list of rooms and other services must be in Croatian and at least in English.


Items that the price list must contain:

Basic information about the landlord (name of the owner, name and surname of the owner, address and OIB)
Name of service (overnight stay for two persons, bed and breakfast, rent of apartments …)
Types of billing (per night, per person, per accommodation, per week …)
Seasonal periods (enter all terms in which price difference, season …)
Price (mandatory in HRK)
Tourist tax (if included in the price, it is obligatory to state this information plus the obligation to write the amounts; if you pay the tax on a lump sum, please indicate at the bottom of the price list: “Tourist tax is included in the price”)
VAT (if the price includes VAT then separately indicate the net price plus the VAT amount)
Additional services (pets, air conditioning, cleaning, breakfast, parking …)
Date of validity of the price list (specify the date from which this price list is valid)
Signature (The price list is not required to be verified by the competent authorities, enough to be signed by the owner).
House Rules

As a landlord you are obliged to determine your home queue and highlight it in all rooms and apartments (NN 138/06).


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